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Happy Birthday to dachelle ! Hope you have a wonderful day!


Happy birthday to lesbiassparrow ! Hope you have a brilliant day that isn't interrupted by any emo spies on their way to build their cabins of manpain in the Canadian wilderness.

Thank You FList

 Also, meant to say in my last entry Thank You So Much for your kind words on Momo's passing. It really meant an awful lot to me and I appreciate it.

R.I.P. Momo

 I cannot believe it is only Tuesday. It cannot be only three days since Momo died. There has been so much going on since then that yesterday, when I went into Boots to print out some photos and the automated receipt said Monday 12 April, I actually turned to my cousin and said "Ready at 12.30 on Monday?? But I chose the one hour service!" and she said "Today IS Monday". My mind was seriously blown by that little bit of information, that's how bad I was. 

The last few days...Collapse )

So rock on, Momo. You were hardcore and there were days you made me scream into cushions, but you did your best for me and taught me a lot. 

I'm really going to miss my Momo. 


Momo passed away this evening at 6.58pm. She was upstairs in bed with me, my mother, three aunts, a cousin and three dogs around her, chatting. I had left the room to check on my Doctor Who recording when it happened. I always had a feeling she'd catch me on the hop when she died!
So right now we're just making arrangements and trying to sort ourselves out.

She's been a constant in my life for nearly thirty seven years. It's going to feel so odd not having her looking over my shoulder at me, giving me hell or telling me stories.  


Happy Thinking Day everybody!  Our area isn't having our  celebratory inter-denominational service until this Sunday because the kids were all on mid-term last week and we had no meetings as a consequence. So this Wednesday, I have to teach the Guides what knots to use to tie the flag to the flagpole and we have to chose a Colour Party to carry the flag. Should be interesting.
The weather is now stormy - seriously, it's blowing up a gale of wind out there - showery and cold, and it looks to be continuing for the week. There's no ease up on the flooding either. I found some links to pictures if anyone would like a look:




Here be dog pictures

may_lyn  requested some dog photos a while back and I am always happy to pimp out the Trio.
Did you miss us, LJ? Will you throw a ball for us?? Better still, do you have food for us??????Collapse )
Did I tell ye the story about how one day, Momo was sitting up and Jack was lying beside her? And all of a sudden she starts shrieking that he was dead. I mean, really amping the drama from 0 all the way up to 11 in the blink of an eye. I told her he wasn't, that he was asleep and she grabbed him by his collar and started pulling him up and down, up and down, really roughly, yelling "HE'S DEAD, I TELL YOU, HE'S DEAD!!!" I replied "for fuck's sake, stop pulling at the dog!!". Yes, I swore but I was afraid he might go for her or something. I mean, if I were fast asleep and someone woke me by grabbing and pulling at my neck, they'd be lucky if all I did was bite them. But all he did was move closer to her, move his head on her lap as best he could and go back to sleep and she let him go. Then he farted and Momo yelled that she was being poisoned and had I made the fart. I forbore from informing her that having a stoma makes it impossible for me to do that and just replied in the negative. Then she got bored and fell back asleep.
Since getting shingles in May though, she's got no interest in talking like that anymore. She's tired a lot and that makes her cranky. Sometimes it's like she's uncomfortable in her own skin and she'll say she has pains in her bones. No doubt she does. It's hard to see her like that sometimes and not being able to fix it for her. She has a strong heart, that's what's keeping her going we reckon.


Seriously, how freakin' cute is this? I would find this very hard to say no to. He's got the box in his mouth, for crying out loud!

Poor me, etc.

GGGGAAAAHHHH! Coraline is playing in the Jameson Dublin Film Festival next weekend and Neil Gaiman will be in attendance at the screening. I can't go and it's sold out anyway so that's a moot point but still, bah humbug!!